Revision HistoryΒΆ

Version Date Comments
1.0 15/05/2018 First release.
1.1 13/07/2018

Added XML formats for Driving License and Vehicle Registration.

Made date formats consistent.

1.2 27/09/2018 Added Categories element in Driving License
1.3 12/12/2018 Added XML format for PAN Verification Record.
1.4 09/05/2019 Added XML format for academic certificates.
1.5 12/08/2019 Changed DataContent tag in high level response structure to include base64 encoded xml content of certificate data.
1.6 28/08/2020 Added driving license status, old license number and endorsement date in the in Driving License.
1.7 27/04/2021

Added marksOther and marksMaxOther fields in Academic Certificate.

Added tax, vehicle category, body type and PUC fields in Vehicle Registration Certificate.

1.8 24/05/2021 Added XML format for ration card.