Steps Procedure for using Repository of Generic Data


Referring to Generic Data Elements

  1. Choose a Generic data element from the list available in section 5.2
  2. Note the Generic data element reference number to reach its metadata in section 5.4
  3. Follow the attributes of the metadata while designing Input / Output forms.
  4. Approach DIT for suggestions to revise the metadata, whenever required.
  5. Approach DIT for inclusion of new Generic data elements, whenever required

Referring to Code Directories

  1. Centralized repository of Code directories would be with ORGI or any other centralized agency identified by Government of India, for access by domain applications.
  2. Ownership of the Code directories values would be with concerned owners.
  3. Notification of changes in Code directories would be issued by Competent Authorities / Owners of the Code directories.
  4. Copy of the Notification would be marked to ORGI or the identified centralized agency for periodic updation of Code Directories. For any updation, time stamp and link to the notification would be provided.
  5. History of changes made in the code directories would be maintained for the backward traceability of the changes in the values of code directories