“API” means any mechanism that allows a system or service to access data or functionality provided by another system or service. The API is generally used to interact (like query, list, search, sometimes submit and update) directly with the specific information on a system, to trigger some action on other systems, or to perform some other action on other systems.

“Codes” means access codes, identification codes, tokens, private security keys, passwords and/or public security certificates that API Setu may issue to you to access or use with the System.

“Computer” means any computing device containing one or more central processing units, including but not limited to desktop and laptop personal computers.

“Developer” means a person or entity other than Company that produces or provides software or services through which a User can access the System.

“Documentation” means any printed documentation regarding the System, any electronic documentation regarding the platform, and any other online or other documentation that is generally made available by API Setu to Users or Developers regarding the System.

“System” comprises the services and platform provided by the NeGD, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and the National Informatics Centre under the API Setu accessible at

“User” means a person or other entity who accesses the System directly or indirectly.