Permitted AccessΒΆ

  1. You will only access (or attempt to access) the System by the means described in the Documentation. You will not misrepresent or mask your identity or the identity of your client
application. If API Setu assigns you developer credentials (e.g. client IDs), you must use them with the applicable APIs.
  1. You undertake you have accessed the System and shall be using the API for the purposes of your own organization/ entity and not for use by any other third party.
  2. Each User permits/ license other Users and API Setu to use the APIs made available through the System, including but not limited to for using the APIs for developing codes,
software, systems, portals or platformsand such independently developed codes, software, systems, portals or platforms may be sold, leased or sublicensed by such other User.
  1. User expressly permit and licenses API Setu to provide access to, publish, host and make available the APIs provided by the User to any API Subscriber and other Users.
  2. Each User acknowledges and agrees that accessing the System and making use of the APIs made available on the System by other Systems does not give any proprietary rights or
ownership rights over APIs made available by any third party.