About Us

An API platform to enable swift, transparent, safe and reliable information sharing across applications and to promote innovation.

An ‘Open API’ policy was notified by Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY) in July 2015 with an objective to develop an open and interoperable platform to enable seamless service delivery across government, thereby providing access to data & services and promoting citizen participation for the benefit of the community. It was felt that to provide impetus to the policy implementation an API platform to act as an API Marketplace cum Directory Portal is necessary. Hence MeitY has initiated API Setu also known as the Open API Platform project in March 2020. This platform aims to bring the policy into realization.

The platform aims to address the following challenges in implementing the Open API Policy:

  • Lack of API availability
  • Proprietary standards and protocols
  • Absence of common data standards
  • Lack of overarching governance structure across departments, common policy, control, accounting and monitoring for APIs


  • Facilitate implementation of Open API Policy
  • To build an open and interoperable digital platform to enable seamless service delivery across government silos
  • To enable quick and transparent software integration with other e-Governance applications and systems.
  • To promote ‘API first' approach, enabling an ecosystem of value-added services and related cost savings
  • To enable and promote safe and reliable sharing of information and data across various e-Governance applications and systems.
  • Promote innovation through the availability of data from e-Governance applications and systems to the industry and public.
  • Provide guidance to Government departments in developing, publishing and consuming these APIs

More than 300 major Central and State Government Departments are already available on the API Setu platform and provides access to about 973 APIs for various data points such as Driving License, Vehicle Registration, PAN, CBSE, e-District in MeitY’s DigiLocker.

We aim to bring all these APIs under API Setu and make them available for consumption by the Government departments and the industry. Creating an ecosystem of these APIs will act as fuel in driving this transformational journey.